The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Trauma, Health and Hazards Department is looking for interested first responders who were involved in the Waldo Canyon, High Park/Woodland Heights, Black Forest Fires, and/or the Aurora movie theater shooting to participate in our project.  We are trying to test the use and effectiveness of an online, user-guided website designed specifically for first responders who have been exposed to disasters.  The website is interactive, confidential and created to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase coping mechanisms following disaster situations.  We understand that contacting mental health professionals following a disaster or traumatic incident can be intimidating or at times feel stigmatizing.  We developed this website to allow those who may want more information or help following a disaster or traumatic event access to this at their own comfort and pace in a strictly confidential manner.  Before we can offer it to first responders across the nation, however, we want to make sure the first responder community finds it useful/helpful.  We are looking for 200 first responders to enroll in this project.  Those interested will be asked to complete a 30 minute online survey and will be assigned to one of two groups: the immediate access group who will receive access to the website right away, and the delayed access group who will receive access to the website after 30 days.  Those who receive access to the website will be encouraged to use the site as much as they can and want to over the next 30 days, and those with delayed access will be asked to continue with their usual care.  After the initial survey, project participants will receive weekly emails checking in to make sure any questions are answered.  Participants will be asked to complete a final survey after 30 days, after which all those involved in the project will have access to the website.  Participants will receive $25 compensation for each survey completed, for a total of up to $50.

If interested in the project, please complete the following survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/UCCSFirstResponderTraumaRecoveryProject1

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Britta Johnson at bjohns17@uccs.edu or by calling 719.255.3709.