About Journey to Disaster Recovery Project

An empowering project for those affected by the fires looking at the benefits of a user-ran website designed to help with coping, stress and relaxation.

Join the UCCS First Responder Trauma Recovery Project!

Are you a first responder in Colorado who has responded to the Waldo Canyon, High Park/Woodland Heights, Black Forest Fires, or the Aurora movie theater shooting? Then joining the UCCS First Responder Trauma Recovery project is for you.

This project is a private user-ran website designed to empower first responders in the aftermath of disasters with coping, stress management and relaxation.  Participants in the UCCS First Responder Trauma Recovery project will receive $25 for each of two online surveys they complete, for a total of $50.

The project will consist of two groups. The first group is able to access the First Responder Trauma Recovery website immediately. The second group gains access to the website 30 days later. The two groups will be compared in order to understand the usefulness of the website, and make sure those affected will benefit from using this website after disaster situations.  All participants will have access to the website for their personal use following the last survey.

For more information about participating in the Journey to Disaster Recovery Project, check out our “About” section, or simply click the link below to complete the survey and join the UCCS First Responder Trauma Recovery Project:
Sponsored by the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.